Epiphytes and Bryophytes

Epiphytes are plants that grow on other plants, lichen for example; and Bryophytes are mosses.

The best specimens are exotic, fairy-tale landscapes; Tolkienesque terrains combining mystery and menace, enchanted panoramas of surreal shapes, unique forms and subtly blending colours.

Here, in detail scarcely visible to the naked eye, you can find dense groves of emerald green palms, jungles of feathery tentacles and spiky outcrops resembling coral reefs. You can discover smooth fronds like the pale grey beds of dried-up lakes or cratered lunar plains. Search carefully and you can see odd knobbly protrusions like miniscule heads of broccoli or florets of cauliflower, and tiny pink fungi resembling nothing so much as delicate parasols.

Epiphytes and Bryophytes

Epiphytes and Bryophytes - panoramas

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