Camberwell Beauties

The curiosity that once carried me across the seas has now turned my lens to the start of my journeys, to the people in the street where I live in London. These portraits are not of exotic strangers whose appearances seduce us with otherness, but are of my neighbours. I examine their faces with a tourist's wonder, a professional's skill and a companion's connection.

These are close-cropped images exhibited in prints 2m wide. The pictures marry the style of vast landscape with that of microscopic detail. The huge eyes - printed as large as a man's open palm - offer a challenge to the spectator. Viewers may be beguiled by the detail in the eyes and lips. The children's skin is flawless. In contrast, the adults' complexions map their life histories.

On the wall

Camberwell Beauties

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Please contact me if you would like to view these large prints at their full size.